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Bouncing ball

ricket is a game played by 22 fools; one throws a ball, another hits it, and nine others try to stop it while one stands behind three pieces of wood stuck in the ground, yelling for his life. This definition is simplistic; it is also wrong. It would evoke howls of protest from lovers of the game.
How is it that a game which can be played over five days without a definitive result holds so many in its thrill? This is one of the many mysteries of thegame. It is for similar reasons that a man rises from bed bleary-eyed, grabs a little radio and holds it to his ear even before he completes his morning absolutions -- just to hear what the score is at Melbourne. He has no attachment to the teams involved, yet the game is the same and that is all that matters to him.

The logic behind all this drives a man to sit for hours enthralled by a masterly innings, as bat triumphs over ball. It is the same thing which drives people to sit for hours in a sticky ground, sans food or drink, just to watch the fastest bowler in the world run through the opposition like a diamond through glass.