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History of Malmöhus C.C
Malmöhus Cricket Club was founded in 1993 by Eric Folker
Samath Ohlén and Ramesh Paul.It soon became apparent that
there was an interest for cricket in Malmö and the size of the
squad soon grew to 25-30 players covering a range of nationalities
(8 in all).

1994 Malmöhus entered the Swedish national league and then
inaugural match was against Mariestad C.C on 7th May. The match
was played at Malmöhus C.Cs home ground , Limhamns fält , which
is located just 600 meters from the beach.The pitch was completed
on Wednesday 4th May, just 3 days before the match. The match
was won by Malmöhus C.C by 40 runs.

Results and Achievments
Swedish Championship 95  -  Semifinalists
96  -  Finalists - lost to Pakistan C.C
97  -  Semifinalists
Swedish indoor  95  -  Losing Finalists
96  -  Losing Finalists
97  -  Winners

During the 1996 season Malmöhus C.C had the honour of
representing Sweden in the European Club Championships which
took place in Bologna,Italy. A tough but enjoyable experiance
and despite Malmöhus C.C losing all three group matches, two
of these were very close run matters.